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"I signed my U13 son up for the Linemates program to assist his transition into AAA hockey. In just a couple of months, he has not only a better understanding of the game but the confidence to execute. 
The quality of his mentor meetings is wonderful. His mentor not only focuses on film, but life off the ice, including the importance of the type of person my son wants to become, not just the player. They have quickly developed a great rapport and my son looks forward to continuing with Linemates for years to come as an important part of his hockey development."
Linemates Parent

Unlock Your Hockey Potential

Reach your full potential with Linemates' 1:1 mentorship program. Our elite college & professional hockey players provide personalized guidance to youth athletes, helping them develop hockey skills, leadership qualities, and fostering personal growth. Through 1:1 weekly video calls and ongoing support, our mentors go beyond the game to create a bond that lasts a lifetime. Join Linemates and unlock your peak potential today.

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Welcome to Linemates, the premier destination for youth hockey mentorship. Our mission is to develop the next generation of hockey players through a unique and transformative program. With Linemates, young athletes gain access to experienced D1 college hockey players who serve as mentors, providing personalized guidance and support to foster growth both on and off the ice.

Our mentorship program goes beyond traditional coaching, focusing on player development. Through weekly 1-hour video calls, our mentors deliver tailored coaching sessions, skill enhancement, mental skills training, and invaluable advice on navigating challenges in hockey and life. With unlimited texting and phone call support, our mentors are always available to provide guidance on an as-needed basis.

At Linemates, we believe in the power of mentorship to unlock each player's full potential. We are dedicated to instilling not only hockey skills but also essential life skills such as resilience, teamwork, and leadership. Join Linemates today and embark on a transformative journey of growth, skill development, and lasting connections with mentors who genuinely care about your success. Together, we shape the future of youth hockey.

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