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What to Expect

  • 1-hour 1:1 video sessions with your Hockey Mentor

  • Unlimited texting support throughout the week

  • Phone calls available on an as-needed basis

Hockey Team Huddle

Our Focus


Player Development

  • Video Analysis

  • Goal Setting

  • Habit Building

  • Off Ice Development

  • On Ice Development


Career Guidance

  • Junior League Education

  • College Hockey Options

  • Advancement Options

  • Career Path Guidance

  • Advise on Opportunities


Life Skills

  • Becoming a Leader

  • Handling Adversity

  • Enhancing Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Embracing Accountability

The Process

Introductory Phone Call

Our introductory phone call is an essential step in tailoring our mentorship experience to your needs. We gather important information about the hockey player, their goals, and areas of focus to create a personalized program. This call sets the foundation for a customized journey that helps you reach your full potential in player development, confidence building, and career guidance.


Mentor Pairing

Using the information gathered about the player during the introductory call, we carefully match them with a college/pro hockey mentor who aligns with their specific needs and aspirations. We take into account factors such as skill level, playing style, personality, and mentorship preferences to ensure a compatible and effective pairing. By matching the hockey player with the most suitable college hockey mentor, we create a dynamic and impactful mentorship relationship that fosters growth, guidance, and success in their hockey journey.


Introductory Video Call

Our introductory video call brings together the Linemates team, the hockey player, their parents, and the assigned mentor for a virtual meet-and-greet session. This call serves as an opportunity for everyone to get acquainted, establish a connection, and discuss goals and expectations for the mentorship journey. It allows for open communication, builds trust, and sets the stage for a collaborative and supportive mentorship experience that benefits both the player and their parents.

Video Conferencing Calls between youth hockey and college hockey players


Weekly Sessions

Our weekly video sessions are the cornerstone of our mentorship program, providing dedicated one-on-one time between the hockey player and their college  or pro hockey mentor. These sessions offer personalized guidance, strategic analysis, and skill development tailored to the player's needs and goals. With each session, players receive valuable hockey feedback, but more importantly, they are empowered to develop crucial life skills, shaping them into better individuals both on and off the ice.

Schedule a call with Linemates Hockey to learn more about the hockey mentorship program
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